Here’s What We Know So Far About Centennial Care…

New Mexico is changing its Medicaid program, to be called Centennial Care.  Medicaid recipients will get their medical care, behavior health care and long-term care through a Centennial Care Managed Care Organization that they choose.  Click here for a paper from the Disability Coalition about Centennial Care.

CENTENIAL CARE will offer its members that are eligible for long-term care the Self-Directed Community Benefit as a replacement for Mi Via. Self-Directed members will get help from a Support Broker instead of a Mi Via Consultant.


AAA Participant Direction will provide Support Broker Services through Centennial Care Managed Care Organizations (MCO). If you want to know which MCO’s AAAPD will work with, ask your AAAPD consultant.



  • People from CoLTS c waiver (formerly D&E)
  • People from the HIV/AIDS waiver
  • People with Brain Injury

Mi Via participants from the DD and Medically Fragile waiver will NOT transfer to Centennial Care.


Changing Current SSPs and Budgets

Mi Via participants will be receiving letters in the near future advising them to revise their budgets to discontinue using certain services because they will not be available in Centennial Care. The services that are ending are:

  • Community Direct Support/Navigation;
  • Customized In Home Living Support;
  • Personal Plan Facilitation; and,
  • Assisted Living.

If this applies to you, your consultant will help you revise your budget by December 2013.


Selecting Your Centennial Care MCO

Starting in August 2013, and continuing in September and October, all Medicaid recipients, including Mi Via participants, will receive a letter letting them know they must select one of the Centennial Care MCO’s. The deadline to select your MCO will be December 7, 2013. If you don’t select an MCO, one will be selected for you. If you are currently enrolled with UnitedHealthCare Community Plan and you don’t select a MCO, you will stay with UnitedHealth. The four Centennial Care MCO’s are:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Presbyterian Health Care
  • Molina Health Care
  • UnitedHealthCare


If you are from the DD waiver, you will be selecting a Centennial Care MCO for your Medicaid health services only.


How do I Select a Centennial Care MCO?

Here are some tips to follow that will help you decide which Centennial Care MCO to choose. Generally, you want to select an MCO that will offer the services and health care providers that you want.


RESEARCH: Read information about each of the Centennial Care MCO’s.  Visit their web sites to find out more about each MCO. Call and ask questions.


MATCH YOUR NEEDS TO A MCO:  Go to one of the Centennial Care Forums and talk to representatives from the Centennial Care MCO’s. Figure out which MCO will provide you with the services you want and need.


FIND OUT WHICH PROVIDERS ARE AVAILABLE:  Talk to your current health care providers (doctor, therapists, etc.) and find out which MCO they will be available through.


SELECT YOUR SUPPORT BROKER: You will be using the Centennial Care Self-Directed Community Benefit and the Centennial Care MCO’s will provide Support Broker services to assist you.  Figure out which MCO will offer you the Support Broker that you want.  If you want to continue working with your Mi Via Consultant in Centennial Care, find out if s/he will be available to be your Support Broker through one of the MCO’s.


What Happens to My Mi Via Budget when I Transfer to Centennial Care?

First, if it applies to you, you will revise your current budget to remove services that won’t be available in the Self-Directed Community Benefit in the Centennial Care Plan.  Then, your current Mi Via budget will transfer to Centennial Care as it is. When it is time to do your annual Service & Support Plan and budget in 2014, you will begin using the Self-Directed Community Benefit, which is replacing Mi Via, that is offered through your chosen Centennial Care MCO.




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