AAAPD Mi Via Consultants

AAA Participant Direction Consultants educate, guide and assist Mi Via participants to craft a Service and Support Plan and a Budget for the services, supports and goods that will help them live in their communities, contribute their gifts, pursue their goals and be healthy and safe.

Each AAA Participant Direction consultant:

  • Has chosen to affiliate with AAAPD
  • Has a deep commitment to self-determination
  • Believes everyone can self-direct
  • Will do “whatever it takes” for participants to succeed
  • Are advocates at heart
  • Are experts in helping you navigate the Mi Via process

Selecting Your AAAPD Consultant

When you enroll in AAA Participant Direction, you can choose your consultant. If you don’t know which AAAPD consultant to choose, we can help you. Once you have selected your AAAPD consultant, AAA Participant Direction will not change your consultant unless you request a change or the consultant ends their relationship with AAAPD. 

Pam Crumpler

Marcia Kinney-Kadle

Paul Kline

Dave Murley

Shirley Scherer

Rebecca Shuman

Alicia Sisneros

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