Randy shows up at Kitty City

Randy is a strong guy.  He goes to the gym regularly and loves sports.  Deep inside, Randy has a soft spot for cats.  He loves cats.  He wanted to show up in community involved with cats in some way.  He hired a Community Participation Coach to help him.  Randy and the coach found a place called Kitty City.  It is a place where cats live while waiting for adoption and is located inside the Clark's Pet Emporium on Menaul near Juan Tabo.  People can go into Kitty City and visit the cats.  PACA is the organization that runs Kitty City with volunteers.  Randy became a volunteer and he is at Kitty City every week.  He pets, brushes and plays with the cats.  He tells people who visit Kitty City all about each of the cats.  He even does the hard stuff - clean the liter boxes.  Randy's fellow volunteers appreciate his work and enjoy his presence.


Here is Randy,  the pied piper, with Snowshoe













Randy tells people all about the cats.















PACA, People's Anti-Cruelty Association, is a terrific organization and needs volunteers like Randy.  PACA is the oldest no-kill animal rescue group in New Mexico.   You can find out more about PACA at their web site.


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