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Public Hearing: Proposed regulations to Mi Via waiver

The New Mexico Department of Human Services (HSD) submitted amendments to the Mi Via waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for approval. The amendments include:

  • Change the definition of developmental disabilities;
  • Require individuals who want to be Independent Contractors to provide Customized In Home Living Services,…

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We will not forget

It is the last few hours of the Toronto Summer Institute and John O'Brien is leading us through a reflective process before we leave.  One of our reflections asks what our calling is or what we want to create, and then, what are our fears about doing that.  I find my fear to be that I will lower my expectations and accept less, and I fear this because I think this may have been happening, actually since my arrival in New Mexico.  It suddenly becomes clear to me that I have been taking…


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Create Theater

In the 2nd session of design-thinking, my group got a sense of the butterfly that might emerge.  We have 3 possibilities for prototyping tomorrow - 1) how to create a partnership with health insurance companies to provide and pay for facilitation for individuals and families; 2) create a theater-concept/a play that explains what happens back stage so what happens on stage is possible; and 4) um-mm - I can't remember.  My sites are set on prototyping a theater-concept/a play to help…


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Speak Easy - The Marketplace - Waddie Welcome

Before the butterfly is a cocoon full of goo.  Today, I wallowed in the goo with others as John O'Brien led us on a journey of design-thinking.  We will work on design thinking for 2 more days when, hopefully, the butterfly emerges.  I am one of three whose challenge is:  "What might happen with the provision of facilitation for individuals and families who have individualized funding that assured bureaucratic shielding, community engagement and partnerships."  Interestingly, in our…


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I have arrived

I arrived at the Toronto Summer Institute this evening shortly after 9 pm.  Dave and I drove from Midland, MI.  Earlier in the day, we attended a memorial service for our friend, Ed Bartlett and visited with many friends.  It was an emotional day, and I feel drained.  By the time we arrived at the Institute, the gathering reception was over; people were milling about and chatting.  Dave spied Anne, and than Kay, so our team was whole.  My spirits were lifted by the greetings and hugs from…


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I can tell I already want to be there

I am going to the Toronto Summer Institute in a week.  The Institute is 5 days.  There will be incredible things to experience and learn.  I am reading the packet of information I received about what to expect during these 5 days.  On the 4th page (out of 16) I notice something that makes be already want to be there.

Nothing unusual about a hospitality suite, right?  But what about this:  "There will be a hospitality suite.  We'll get you started with some snacks, goodies and supplies…


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What started as a status update spiraled into.. well .. more than what 140 characters could contain

What brings me here?

Well one would be naive to suggest that economics didn't play a part. I feel it is involved in every transaction, from the emotional to the more brutish fiscal sense; this, 'modern human's arena of survival'--if you will. It is why mass amounts of…


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In this Case, Function follows Form

It was American architect, Louis Sullivan, who coined the phrase, “form follows function.”  This is the principle that the form of something, if well designed, will be created based on its function.  What if function followed forms?


Mr. Sullivan was thinking of buildings and objects when he coined the phrase.  I am thinking of, well, forms.  You know, those pieces of paper that we are called upon to fill out throughout the course of our lives.  I suppose a form that captures…


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