In the 2nd session of design-thinking, my group got a sense of the butterfly that might emerge.  We have 3 possibilities for prototyping tomorrow - 1) how to create a partnership with health insurance companies to provide and pay for facilitation for individuals and families; 2) create a theater-concept/a play that explains what happens back stage so what happens on stage is possible; and 4) um-mm - I can't remember.  My sites are set on prototyping a theater-concept/a play to help participants/families figure out what they need to do back stage, or have others do, that will make their lives on stage possible.

Yes, there will be a the 2nd annual reading of Waddie Welcome & the Beloved Community on MLK day, or there abouts.  People, like me, who hosted readings on MLK day or at other times, got together and talked about the different ways we did it, how it went, how people responded, what are the essentials of a good read.  I am excited about hosting a read again and playing around with ideas for how to do it.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

I am mediating every morning and still finding it hard not to fall asleep.  My eyes won't cooperate - they went to move around.  I am suppose to leave them open and it is hard.  So I close them to stop the moving around and fall asleep.  It is hard, but it is right.

Had a great dinner tonight with friends.  People are wonderful.  I am starting to feel well feed and nurtured.

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