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Before the butterfly is a cocoon full of goo.  Today, I wallowed in the goo with others as John O'Brien led us on a journey of design-thinking.  We will work on design thinking for 2 more days when, hopefully, the butterfly emerges.  I am one of three whose challenge is:  "What might happen with the provision of facilitation for individuals and families who have individualized funding that assured bureaucratic shielding, community engagement and partnerships."  Interestingly, in our discussions together, we have to bridge experiences from Canada, the United States, Australia, the Netherlands and a few other places.  As different as we are, it is not difficult.

Yesterday was the speak easy.  In groups of ten, we wondered about and listened to 10 people talk for 5 minutes about what was important to them.  The market place was opened and many spaces were filled with opportunities to share ideas and experiences.  I joined up with Patti Scott and Dave Hasbury, from Neighbours.  They shared information about the idea of Neighbours, to help each person have a life that suits them, using person-centered practices, individualized budgeting and community connection.  They are working with a group of providers and the state in Maryland to help find new ways to do the work.  Dave & I shared our new endeavor, AAA Participant Direction, and invited ideas and suggestions for what people thought would be good ways for AAA Participant Direction to work in order to build communities that embrace the gifts of all people.

Tim gave us some ideas for using John O'Briens frameworks as a way to explain and guide people through the processes of Mi Via.  We talked about how individualized budgeting can leverage other opportunities and resources, which is an important part of the Mi Via story.

Peter Liedy song "My Boyfriend Jack" (to the tune of my boyfriends back) in honor of Jack Pearpoint on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the summer institute.  My first attendance was in 1988.  so much I learned then, so much I worked with, so much as happened and so much more to do.

There was a reading of Waddie Welcome & the Beloved Community tonight.  Tom Kohler, a co-author, was at the reading.  After the reading, Anne asked people to shared their response with a gesture or a pose.  People's gestures was very powerful and in a wonderful way, conveyed the meaning and impact of the story.  The conversation afterwards was enlightening.

Waddie Welcome is a story of the small, simple things that people do that create a great change.

This whole experience is creative and trans-formative and my words here are just not sufficient.  Maybe after a good nights sleep I can get closer to the meaning, the feel, the joy of this experience.

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