This is where you will find what you need to know!   Check back often for the latest news.

AAA Participant Direction wants you to know what is going in New Mexico and around the country.  We will report on news items about self-direction here.  We will report on changes and updates in the Mi Via program.  We will report important information from other state or national programs that may affect your lives.  We will report on events and trends in participant-direction around the country.

Centennial Care Information Events

When will You do Your Annual Budget in Centennial Care?

No Mi Via Budget Revisions Required

What we know about Centennial Care so far

Public Hearing on Proposed Regulations to the Mi Via Waiver

Centennial Care contracts with MCO's

Centennial Care: Letter of Agreement

Self-direction & Centennial Care

Centennial MCOs


To see past News stories, click on "all discussions" at the top left of this page.

The members only section on the "Mi Via How To" tab is  another informative place to find information about how Mi Via works.

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