How We Show Up

Mi Via participants are able to craft services and supports to answer the question, "How will I show up in community?"  Our friend and mentor, John O'Brien, shared this question with us as a way to help us think about how supports can work for people.  It is a very good question.  AAA Participant Direction is looking for how to answer this question for each participant we work for.  A really good way to explore this question is with a person-centered plan.  Figure out how you want to show up in community, and then craft your Mi Via support and services around how to make it  happen.


We want to know how you show up in community. We all show up in community, Mi Via participant or not.  Please add a page in this feature and tell your story.  We love photos that help you tell your story.  If you have a story for us, but need help, contact Rebecca and she will help you.

Our stories about how we show up:

Jerrald Shows Up

One of Us

How Randy Shows Up.

What Really Matters


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